Are We Still Teaching Cursive?

I remember pages and pages of drill exercises when I was in first through 3rd or 4th grade. Scratchy lines, long coils, curvy lines, and more. All so I could…


How Are Monster Trucks Made?

Every day I ask the kids to give me questions they want to know the answers to. I thought it would be fun to list those here and share them…


Our Morning Routine Chart

Maintaining order and teaching your kids to follow a routine can be challenging. A routine chart can help, so this is how we created and implemented our own.


Salt Creek Beach in Dana Point

Salt Creek Beach in Dana Point is awesome. I went there recently with the family and had a blast. It’s one of my favorite beaches.

Special Interest

Burned Out by a Wildfire?

The HSLDA has a grant system through its Compassion Disaster Relief fund to help families affected by the recent wildfires.


Breakfast with my Daughter at Stacks Pancake House

Ever since it opened, Stacks Pancake House has been a favorite of mine. Their breakfast is really good, it feels like homemade food but it’s that type of food you rather not make at home. Like Eggs benedict or loco moco.