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After a year of homeschooling and the nightmare that has been this so-called pandemic, the kids are going back to school. Claire is going back, while Oliver is starting for the first time.

I know it's going to be a little rough on them, but they are very optimistic and they seem really excited about it. I haven't burdened them with the issues they may face because I think sometimes they are so happy and resilient that maybe they won't even notice them.

Oliver has told me he doesn't want to go, but then sometimes he tells me he's excited about making new friends.

The worse that I can think of right now is that they have to wear masks. Despite the evidence showing that masks do little to no good and in fact, maybe create more problems, the asinine leadership we have in California has dictated that they have to wear masks.

Summer fun is coming to an end. A new chapter begins!
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