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This blog is where I write about my experiences being a dad, and a husband, a domesticated family man if you will. So far fatherhood has been one of the most rewarding, joyful and happy experiences of my life. I doubt anything will ever top it.

I’m a technology and internet consultant and I make my living on the Internet. While this blog is a passion project, it is intended to add yet another revenue stream to my life. I have over 12 other revenue streams.

I am married to the best woman in the world, and together we have two great kids.

First came Claire, our pride and joy. She has her own website but from time to time you’ll find her around here as well. After all, I wouldn’t be a dad without her.

2015 was a huge year for us because we welcomed our second child, Oliver, also has his own website and I’m very glad that he’s made me a dad twice over.

The Papidaddy name came about when Claire started trying to speak. See, she is exposed to three languages on a regular basis; Vietnamese, Spanish and English.

So somehow, she mixed “Papi” which means “daddy” in Spanish, with “Daddy.” She’s called me that for a while. So in case, you were wondering, that’s where that name came from just so happens to fit perfectly for a website so was born.

Additional information

The site is 100% produced by me. Opinions are my own, not of sponsors, clients, school officials, or anybody else unless otherwise stated.

The blog was started in 2014, then around 2017, we took a break. It just got revived in the summer of 2019. Some of the main topics I was writing about include:

Food & Nutrition – Anything related to food, whether it is about my journey to being a healthier dad, or about feeding the best food available to our kids. Another thing I talked about before was food creativity to encourage the little ones to eat. It can be tough sometimes to convince them that eating leafy greens and other veggies is good for them so this topic will be coming back.

Working from Home – I talk about all related topics and tangents, from the basics to advanced techniques and skills. I share with you how it is that I live off the Internet and work from home. You can do it as well. I work when I want to, I work on the projects I chose. I think more people should try this so hopefully, I can show you how it all works.

Random opinions. What is a blog if not a place to opine. Am I rite? Some of the opinion topics I'm interested in are: parenting styles, living in the U.S., parenting in pop culture, and eeek, do I dare say it… politics and religion.

New on the blog this time around, I'm opening up the blog for collaborations. Also, if you are a translator or interpreter and would like to expose your services to my audience, you are welcome to translate any blog post and I'll be happy to give you a full sponsorship package. Or if you're a parent and want to post an opinion or a news related article, get in touch with me and I'll be happy to give you a platform to express yourself.

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