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I don't have a whole lot of time to get into details, but I thought this was an important event to document. Today Claire started at her new school.

Last year we did home-schooling and it turned out to be extremely difficult. For this year, the schools re-opened up for in-house learning so we enrolled both kids in the local school.

Things have not been completely smooth so far. I might expand on this, but let's just say that Claire was very excited to get accepted to her new school.

Oliver might go there too, but his application is still being processed and we hope he gets accepted as well, but there's a chance that he'd have to wait until the next year. Having a sibling enrolled helps the acceptance process.

The school is a charter school and it has a strong focus on creative learning and art plus it's also a dual-immersion program. That's just fancy talk for bilingual instruction.

Instruction at OCEAA is provided in Spanish and English. We're all excited about this new chapter even though it has come to us at neck-breaking speed.

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