Breakfast with my Daughter at Stacks Pancake House

Ever since it opened, Stacks Pancake House has been a favorite of mine. Their breakfast is really good, it feels like homemade food but it’s that type of food you rather not make at home. Like Eggs benedict or loco moco.

Eggs Benedict Yolky Money Shot Video

We headed to Stacks on our way back from running some errands. Originally we were just going to pick up some stuff at Trader Joe's and make breakfast at home but that didn't work out so well.

Trader Joe's wasn't open yet, so we decided to get some pancakes at Stacks. We're so glad we did!

This turned out to be a fantastic time to do some dad-daughter bonding. Despite the Covid 19 restrictions we found that Stacks is serving their full menu outdoors. We talked and laughed a lot and had a great time.

While this is not a full review of Stacks, I do want to mention a little bit about their food.

Stacks food has always been awesome. Since they opened, everything I've tried is delicious and this time was no different. This time, I ordered the Clubhouse Benedict with avocado. I wish I could have these every single day. Just look at the videos above, that yolk! So smooth.

I've had their loco moco, and half dozen other items on the menu. All great, Oliver loves their pancakes and their breakfast potatoes. Claire ordered eggs, pancakes and bacon this time around and she loved it as well.

Can't wait to go back!

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