Burned Out by a Wildfire?

The HSLDA has a grant system through its Compassion Disaster Relief fund to help families affected by the recent wildfires.

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Has a wildfire destroyed your homeschool curriculum, computer, library—or even your entire house? Or do you know a homeschooling family that has suffered loss in a wildfire? (Please forward them this email!)

HSLDA is here to help.

Through our Compassion Disaster Relief fund, HSLDA is offering grants to help affected families recover. If you’ve been impacted by a wildfire this year, you may apply for an HSLDA Disaster Relief grant to help with the cost of replacing destroyed curriculum and other emergency needs.

Apply here for a relief grant

If you are struggling to overcome loss after a fire, please do not hesitate to let us know how else we can serve you. You can email us here.

We are praying for you!

P.S. – If you were not affected but would like to help homeschooling families devastated by these horrific fires, please consider making a donation to help replace their lost and damaged school materials and meet emergency needs.

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