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Bishop, California is a small city of just under 4000 people according to the 2010 census, says Wikipedia. It's located in the spectacular Eastern Sierras in central California. The views of the snow-touched mountains are epic. I've been camping to Bishop Creek before. Apparently, the city of Bishop is named after Bishop Creek, I didn't know that until I started writing this post.

Recently I had a chance to spend some time up there and of course, I had my coffee every morning. I decided to make a vlog out of it. I've not been vlogging on either one of my channels, so this was a bit of a warm-up. I want to vlog more. But that is all besides the point, if you know Bishop, you know it's awesome. If you've never been and you get a chance, it's worth the visit.

I've been using the AeroPress to make coffee since December. It's part of my “reinventing myself” process. It makes consuming coffee a lot more mindful, a lot more thoughtful, and ultimately the coffee is better than the coffee I get from the regular drip coffee maker I've used in the past.

The AeroPress makes one cup of coffee at a time. One morning, I made this video to show you more or less how the AeroPress works. But really… lowkey I'm enamored with Bishop at the moment, I have more videos, photos, and posts coming up about my recent trip up there.

The AeroPress is quite inexpensive for the quality of coffee it makes. You could buy ground coffee to use with it, but I prefer to grind my own beans and I do it by hand. You know, adding to that whole mindfulness practice I learned from Thích Nhất Hạnh. But that's fodder for another blog post. Check out some of these views!

I mean look at this: ⬇️

If you want to make coffee in the morning, but you wish to make the whole process a bit more meaningful, a little bit more intimate, I would totally recommend the AeroPress you can get it on that link, through Amazon.

Here's my goofy video, making coffee at Bishop and enjoying the views of the mountains. Specifically, the mountain you see is called Mount Tom.

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