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This is a collection of links to help you teach your kids. Some of these may be affiliate links, most of them are free. If any links are broken, please let me know and I'll update them.

Full Curriculum System & Homeschooling Support (paid)- Houseschoolteachers – Contains hundreds of courses for all grades and levels. Pick your own course and plan your own schedule or follow one of their templates. They have certificates, planners, checklists, group support, and more.

Homeschoolgiveaways – Curriculums, reviews, printables and more.


Absolutely AMAZING free worksheets for all kinds of mathematics, K-6th –

Count to 100 (Singing Walrus)

Counting By Twos Song

The Counting by Threes Song

The Counting by Fives Song

Math & Activities

Free color by number apps and activities – Amazon link

Upload your own photo to do a color by numbers. Awesome when you pick the right image, but can get really complex.

Color by Numbers – Customizable printables, apps and more. Sometimes it doesn't work in some browsers YMMV.

Color by number from Crayola – 2-8 years.

Language Arts

English Language Arts Songs. 29 min


The Water Cycle Song

Fun Stuff

Coloring Pages

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