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Every day I ask the kids to give me questions they want to know the answers to. I thought it would be fun to list those here and share them with you and how we turned that question into a lesson or series of lessons.

This is the first one we document, and Oliver wanted to know how monster trucks are made. I couldn't find one of the “how it's made” episodes to cover this answer, but I did find a couple of videos that would be helpful and are interesting even for a kid.

How To Build a Monster Truck – How To Build Everything

I did find a video on how to build trucks in general, so that is helpful. Here is that video:

How It's Made: Trucks

At last we found one fun video that would compliment the whole thing and it's more of a list of the top 10 monster trucks.

10 Most Incredible Monster Trucks in The world

Wrapping up

Monster trucks are fun, and boys want to know about trucks so we took this as one of the elective lessons of the day. Claire enjoyed it too, but she was more interested in knowing more about how tennis balls are made since she decided to start a side hustle reselling tennis balls so she can buy a horse, that's up next.

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