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We've been going on 3 to 7-day trips lately. A few to Bishop, another one to Temecula, soon we're going camping, but I always want to travel light. My wife on the other hand likes to bring everything she can possibly pack.

We made a deal a while ago where I said I would pack the kids and my stuff and she would do her own. The challenge is to fit all of the kids' stuff and my stuff in one suitcase.

Yes, it's possible.

This is how I do it.

The trick is really to have a list of stuff that needs to be packed. Then put it all together on a big surface like a big table or a bed.

Then start adding everything into the suitcase but instead of folding the items, roll them up. Adjust as you go. Try to have as many items be evenly sized, but then start filling in all the nooks and crannies as you get oddball-sized items.

It's not hard to pack casual clothes for two kids and myself for up to 6-7 days using this method. The suitcase is normal size, nothing too big. I think it actually fits the carry-on requirements for most airlines.

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