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Growing up I always knew them as “multiplication tables” but as I'm digging into homeschooling and teaching my own kids, I am finding that they are more commonly referred to as “multiplication facts.”

This probably seems odd to me because I just didn't grow up with them, they were always “tables” not “facts” even though they are practically and definitely facts.

Did you know them as “multiplication facts” or “multiplication tables?” (let me know in the comments)

This is what Google Trends shows for the past 5 years and how they are used. You can tell that in the U.S. the majority of people use “facts” but it's not an overwhelming majority.

If you look at the whole history of searches back to 2004, you can tell that “tables” used to be more popular but sometime in the fall of 2009, multiplication facts started taking over.

The homeschooling curriculum and other literature I've found also call them multiplication facts, so we'll go with that. 🤷‍♂️

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