Story Time (video): Owl Moon by Jane Yolen.

Owl Moon by Jane Yolen, a Caldecott Award winner book. A great short story with fantastic watercolor illustrations. A heart-warming story about a child and dad bonding. Great re-readability. The…


Costume Castle Has all The Best Costumes

We went to the newly opened Costume Castle at The Marketplace in Irvine. If you’re a little old-school like me, then you may remember this place as The Tustin Marketplace….


How Are Pencils Made?

Have you ever wondered how they make pencils? How do they get them all so perfect and how do the put the lead inside? At the pace we are moving,…


Huge Old Tree Comes Down in Tustin Meadows

Apparently a pretty tall tree in Tustin Meadows had broken the water main for a house so it had to be cut down. As of now, the tree stump still…


Was There a Security Breach at Thorman?

Many parents received an alert from the school today, to notify us that there had been a security incident. With reason, parents were concerned. I received 4 texts from other…


Ashlyn’s Birthday

The other day we headed out to Ashlyn’s birthday. A low key small party with great food. Man! I love Korean BBQ and all the Asian side dishes. I don’t…