In a way, it was a blessing to arrive early, when we did. As I approached town, I couldn't help but be mesmerized by the snowcapped peaks on the left and the vast grasslands on the right. The views are breathtaking. I can only imagine how much more beautiful the snow would look if we had visited in the middle of winter, maybe mid-January.

Entering the town I remembered being here years ago when I went camping with friends up to Bishop Creek, but I only drove through town as I went to the camp site and on my way out. This time it was different. I really felt that nostalgic old town feeling, driving through the “main street” which is really just Highway 395.

After arriving around 5 am, I had to unload the car. Everyone went to bed to get some rest, but of course I had to make a quick video to finish the roadtrip up to Bishop.

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