Officer A. OK and David Valencia explaining the run with a cop program
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Some time ago, the Tustin police department started a program called Run With a Cop. I believe they borrowed this idea from another city, but it seems to be catching on.

The program is intended to serve as a community outreach program and a way for the students to get some exercise and spend time constructively after school.

Tustin PD run club offers kids much more than physical fitness. “Run with a Cop” is one of the Tustin Police Department’s latest community outreach programs.

The program, started by Tustin Officer Roque, inspires students to embrace health and physical fitness while learning how to care for their community. The idea behind this is to just get kids moving.

Run With a Cop

Run With a Cop takes place twice a week, for about an hour after school. Officer David Valencia breaks down the basics of the program in the video below.

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