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We recently got Disneyland passes. Claire loves going there. We went when she was very little and didn’t have to pay and it was a whole new world for her.

As she grows, we go back to Disneyland every few weeks or so to take advantage of the pass we have and also to let Claire explore more about this place, the happiest place on earth. — I have my own thoughts about that, but Claire loves it so we’ll run with it for now.

One of Claire’s favorite rides is Small World. If you’ve never been to a Disney park, then go visit and you’ll find Small World in the Fantasyland area. It is a top favorite ride for kids because you sit on a boat and you go through the ride slowly on a guided track.

The fun part for the kids is all visual, there are no thrills or scares here. Small World starts with the song titled… It’s a Small World After All. It’s a catchy tune that you will have stuck on your head for the remainder of your visit to Disneyland, but you’ll be glad to know your kid had a blast.

Small World Christmas Edition!

Small World like many other rides and the entire general areas in the park gets a total makeover for Christmas. Needless to say, this ride becomes one of the most popular rides during the holidays. You can see why in the video above. Everything turns into Christmas. Even I liked it.

So right now, what you need to do is put it into your calendar so you remember to visit the ride when it gets totally redone for the holiday season.

The only thing I ask is that you don’t hate me for getting the song stuck in your head. It’s not that bad… sing it out loud. sing it proud and remember we’re all in this together because it is… a small world after all.

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