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We decided to do a little camping recently, all thanks to my awesome sister. She found a great place nearby so we didn’t have to drive for hours. Just a couple of days was enough to let Claire experience her first camping trip.

We live in Irvine, California and that’s a pretty urban city, but Southern California is full of nature reserves, parks, and camping spots. But we didn’t realize it or thought about it until now.

We ended up going to Ronald W. Caspers Wilderness Park, located an easy 30-minute ride from home. It was awesome. There’s so much I can tell you about the trip that I’ll have to break it down into a few posts.

Today I’ll tell you about one of the activities we did with The Storytelling Box, you know, the box I mentioned the other day? Turns out it really is portable and easy to use even for a few minutes.

As we were getting ready for dinner, sitting at the table near our campfire we used it to tell a short story. Each one of us picked 3 cards and each person took turns expanding on the story for Claire. She loved it.

Then at night in the tent I told Claire a couple more stories before letting her drift off to sleep in her own little pink sleeping bag. All inspired by the images from The Storytelling Box. I recommend you get one for your kids ASAP.

During camping, we did the classic campfire scary storytelling, made smores, walked around, ate hotdogs, and something unique to this place was a really cool playground for kids. That will be up next on the blog.

PS. I’ve talked to the owner of AEO Boxes and the boxes are getting a redesign, let’s call it The Storytelling Box version 2.0. So I suggest you get one now while they’re on sale.

Just in case you’re interested but undecided, here is a coupon that will get you 10% off your order with them, just use “STORYTIME” at checkout and it will be applied automatically.

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