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Many parents received an alert from the school today, to notify us that there had been a security incident.

With reason, parents were concerned. I received 4 texts from other parents asking me if I knew any more details, and my wife also forwarded me the text asking if I knew about it and if I knew any more details.

Naturally, I went over to the school and found Mrs. Parks. I approached her to ask her about the incident, and while she declined to be on camera, she did give me more details about it.

In short, the incident was handled perfectly and it really didn't amount to anything. The part that had parents concerned was the language of the text and emails.

While the message indicated that the incident was handled well and ended up with a positive outcome, it was also a little vague.

When I spoke to Mrs. Parks, my concerns were dispelled, and I think yours would be too. I was worried because I wanted to know how the person broke into the school, and what they were intending to do, in addition to what action was actually taken.

Here's the original message:

The part that says “collectively implemented its safety protocols and the situation was handled swiftly and safely without incident” seemed to raise the most concerns with a few parents I spoke with.

What safety protocols took effect? When it says “collectively” it sounds like the whole school, or a large portion of the school might have gone on lock-down or some sort of high alert. So who was involved?

What actually happened, according to Mrs. Parks is that a known transient person jumped over the fence near the Kinder & Pre-school area. He was spotted by a staff member who approached him, asking something to the effect of “what are you doing?” and the suspect (for lack of a better word) immediately turned around, jumped the fence back out and tried to flee.

The authorities were called in and he was arrested near the track by the Currie side of the campus by Tustin PD.

I think the message could have been handled better, but I also don't know exactly how. I know that many parents simply wanted to know more details.

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