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Whenever I help someone start a website or a new business, I always ask why. Why do you want to do this? What's your why?

Why are you doing this?

These are not only practical questions that help me understand how to best help them, but they also should trigger a deeper visceral response.

The answer to “What is your why?” should reflect everything about your motivation, your reasons, and if your why is strong, then nothing should get in the way.

This time, it was someone else asking me the other day: why?

This was in response to a series of pool parties I've been hosting for the kids and their friends. Even more so as the start of school got closer and closer.

But why? People kept asking. Is it someone's birthday? Is it to celebrate something?

The Setup

To give you a brief background, I invited a ton of parents to a couple of small pool “parties” on the day before school started and throughout that week.

They were great, quite a few parents came out (to my surprise) and everybody had a great time. I will be doing this again until it's not hot anymore or our pool stops getting heated for the year.

Back to Why

Why are you inviting parents and their kids to a random pool party when you don't even know them? Why did you invite us, we aren't even close?

The questions were similar and came from at least three parents. They were not ill-natured, they were from a curiosity point of view.

They really wanted to know why I was doing this. Many parents were glad I did this and others said they loved the idea but couldn't make it.

Don't worry, if you want to join us next time, just make sure you've sent me your phone number or email address. Also, check your spam folder just in case. I'm doing everything via email.

So today I took a few minutes to make a video explaining why. Of course, I'm doing it for my kids to have more friends, for their summer to be fun, for them to get to know each other.

But perhaps there's more to the story. Watch the video if you want to find out.

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